Did you find it?


The internet is an incredible tool! 


The biggest names on the internet represent this simple yet obvious truth: everyone is searching. Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask.com and others have built their names and business empires on the fact everyone is searching. 


The difference between Google or Bing or Yahoo and our church is rather obvious yet significant. We know humanity is wired to search. We know there are few joys as pure as finding what we want and need. Yet we serve the Person who created all there is (even us) and His teachings enable us to understand who we are and what we truly need.


The “search engines” offer only a temporary value and a passing endurance. Don’t get me wrong—the things of this world have a purpose and we are allowed to enjoy many things in this life.


 What if there was a particular “something”—a “someone” who could bring you a satisfaction which would enable you to finally understand what true value is? What if you could be offered a relationship with this One who instills real, lasting meaning into every part of your life?


I believe you’re here for a reason. I believe there are no accidents in this world, only choices. Those choices will either bring you closer to the answers you seek or they will move you further away.


I hope your search is successful! We offer Jesus Christ as the answer to even the questions you may not even know you have. He is our Peace, our Wisdom, our Strength and our Savior and Lord. I hope you know Him already. If you do not, I pray you will find Him.


We as a people look and seek many things in our lives. Some things we find some things we never find. Yet Jesus Christ promises all who seek Him will always find Him.


And to find Christ is to find eternity!



Jim Grieme, Pastor